Listen to Your Gut, Hone Your Intuition

Let Your Gut Guide Your Health

Most of us don’t give enough credit—if any at all—to the importance of following our intuition. You, and your body, know way more than you think!

One of the issues people face when following their gut is that intuition arises as a feeling within their body that only they experience. When making tough decisions, we like asking for advice from others or having concrete evidence that we’re making the right choice.

What we fail to realize is that’s precisely what our gut is doing for us. If you’re ready to gain a better understanding of how intuition guides you and how to really hone your ability to follow your gut, join me for Listen to Your Gut, Hone Your Intuition.

Meet Sue Williams, The Facilitator of Listen to Your Gut, Hone Your Intuition

As a graduate from one of the world’s largest nutrition schools, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), I felt empowered to help people transform their lives. This lead me to become a Health Coach and an Author and has taken my passion and commitment to encourage healthy living to a whole new level. Sharing my passion with my family, friends, and loved ones through a combination of listening, learning, and suggesting small incremental changes, transformation to a healthy lifestyle for many became a reality. The process of transformation is not that hard, nor does it take a lot of will-power, but rather, it takes small incremental steps that can be easily integrated into your daily lifestyle, and these small steps over time, makes all the difference in the world.

Created by:

Sue Williams

Instant Proof That Your Intuition Exists!

Here’s proof that we all experience a gut reaction for those of you who are less in tune with your intuition. Take several deep breaths to relax your mind and release any tightness in your body.

Now I will list a few different words. As you read each one, I want you to notice any changes in your body. Ready?


That sensation you felt was your intuition talking to you! Once you learn how to connect that feeling in your body to external situations, you will be more attuned to your gut intuition. Following your gut will allow you to make more empowered decisions every day.

Listen to Your Gut, Hone Your Intuition is an eight-part email series packed with interesting and useful information to help you gain a deeper understanding of what informs your intuition and how to follow your natural instincts.

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